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Celebrate Italy’s EURO 2020 win with some neat T-shirts

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Everyone had a great time at EURO 2020, well pretty much everyone did. If you’re one of the people who had the most fun at the tournament, fans of Italy, you can celebrate and commemorate the moment with a t-shirt. What better way?

We partnered with our friends at BreakingT for a couple of shirts celebrating Italy’s monumental win. There’s a couple of options. First, is the lovely pinched fingers emoji we’ve come to love with the colors of the Italian flag prominently featured. You can check the pinched fingers shirt out here.

The second shirt is the “It’s Coming to Rome” shirt, courtesy of a legendary moment from Mr. Bonucci.

If you like either of the shirts and wanna pick one up, click here for the Italy Champs of Europe shirt or here for the It’s Coming to Rome shirt.