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Schweinsteiger wanted Inter move under Mourinho

UEFA Champions League Final Previews - Bayern Munich Press Conference Photo by Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

One of my favorite things about retired footballers is hearing about past opportunities they passed up or wished they had pursued. This one in particular caught my eye because the combination is just hilarious to think about.

In an interview with Rai Sport, Bayern and German legend Bastian Schweinsteiger admitted that one of the biggest regrets of his career was his failed transfer to Inter Milan in 2008.

“Jose Mourinho had just arrived in Milan, (Jurgen) Klinsmann was at Bayern and he wanted the Belarusian from Stuttgart, Alex Hleb at all costs”, Basti said. “He was playing in my position so I could have looked for another team. Mourinho had sensed the deal, he was missing just the signature.

“Then Barcelona came into the equation and Hleb moved to Spain, so I wasn’t allowed to leave. Inter signed (Ricardo) Quaresma and the Brazilian, (Amantino) Mancini instead.”

To atone for that missed opportunity, Basti did lots of things to make a strong connection with Italy. “As a big Serie A fan, it is my biggest regret. Somehow, I tried to make up for it; I got married in Italy and I come to Italy for tourism whenever I can,” he added.

Schweinsteiger | Source

Seeing Schweinsteiger in an Inter kit is a trip just to consider. How would he have fit under Mourinho’s system at Inter?