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Barzaghi describes atmosphere of “conviction” at Inter training post Juve win

FC Internazionale Training Session Photo by Mattia Ozbot - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

It’s no secret that things felt a tad strange in Inter Milan world post-winter transfer window. A few lackluster results put Inter in the backseat of Serie A where they now sit four points back with a match in hand. Add in a Champions League exit that felt a bit hallow, despite a glorious win at Anfield, and you had a strange mixture of a team that was in the hunt, yet it felt like possible underachievement could be around the corner.

Then came a strange and vital win over Juventus over the weekend. The win kept Inter within striking distance in Serie A and pushed Juve back down a level. According to Marco Barzaghi, the mood at Inter’s training this week has felt different after the win.

“I can tell you that yesterday in Appiano the atmosphere was completely different, different looks on everyone’s faces.”

The mood was full of: “Enthusiasm, conviction, desire, and hunger to win and get things back into place. There was great conviction in everyone’s eyes despite the weariness that remains.”

Barzaghi | Source

Inter have vital matches coming up, including a second-leg Coppa Italia against Milan in a couple of weeks. The focus is on the Scudetto, and the conviction is there, all that’s left is execution.