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Juventus wins 15-point deduction appeal putting Inter in sixth

FC Internazionale v Benfica - UEFA Champions League Photo by Piero Cruciatti/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

You don’t need me to tell you that Inter Milan’s season has been one of the strangest in recent memory. A team with plenty of talent has played some of the most inconsistent football in Europe. The last few weeks have been a microcosm of that inconsistency.

Despite losing ground in Serie A week after week, Inter has propelled itself into the Champions League semi-finals for a showdown with Milan. This incredible result comes in spite of the club getting what I believe is one point in their last five domestic matches.

How this club can go from beating Porto and Benfica over two legs respectively, to giving up horrid results in the league is beyond me, and most certainly a managerial issue. That doesn’t take away from the Champions League success, but it makes it all the more important. Inter’s precarious financial situation make losing out on the Champions Laegue next season a scary possibility.

With Juventus winning their appeal for the 15 point deduction, they’ve propelled themselves back to third in the table. That pushes Inter down to sixth with it’s run of terrible league results, and five points off the top four. Now, with a tantaslizing Champions League tie with Milan coming up, the player rotation becomes all the more important and the fatigue in league matches will continue.

How Inter finish off the year is for anyone to guess. There’s a scenario wherein Inter lose in the semi-finals to Milan, and lose out on the top four in Serie A. Making this season a complete disaster. There’s also a scenario where this weird team win the freaking Champions League. How the next couple months go is anyone guess, but for the love of all that’s good, can we score in Serie A please?