Remember when: Inter Milan gets cake from Cake Boss


It may be a bit old, but it is fun to reminese when the Cake Boss made a cake for the Nerazzurri ... his favorite club.

Angel Di Maria goal for PSG

Angel Di Maria goal for PSG vs. Angers 1-23-16 by matt-clark3

Angel Di Maria scores for PSG against Angers.

Inter A 4 - 0 Inter B


In-house friendly for Inter today won by the white-shirted with a double by Icardi and goals by Camara and Palacio.

Gary Medel shows his vocal skills off


Gary Medel seems very happy of his season so far and he showed his "great" vocal skills in his car with his beautiful girlfriend, we love you Pitbull!

Assistant ref down!


So Mancini and Inter had a bad day, but this ref who fell down during the match may have had a worse one. #ouch

Mancini gets nailed in the face by his own player again!


First Andreolli in Sunday's match, now Kuzmanovic in training... Poor Mancio. But, more importantly, should we be worried about a mutiny? In all seriousness (funniness?), enjoy this amazing Vine.

Mancio takes ball to the FACE.


Guys, remember when Mancini took that ball to the face earlier today and totally got knocked down? That looked... painful. We're sorry, boss!

Watch this Kovacic golazo vs. Lazio


good lord, Kovacic. bravo signore!