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Alvaro Pereira to join Argentine side Estudiantes on loan

The Uruguayan left back has reached an agreement with the Argentinian club Estudiantes.

Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

You may remember Juan Sebastian Veron for his 2 seasons with Inter (2004-2005 and 2005-2006) where he won two Coppa Italia and a Supercoppa Italiana under the guidance of Roberto Mancini. Now their roads are crossing again, even if only from a distance, because Alvaro Pereira has reached an agreement with Argentinian club Estudiantes, where Veron serves as club president.

Pereira spent his last year playing for Sao Paulo FC on loan. Last December, Pereira asked for a contract renewal, but the Inter were reluctant to despite the fact that he had a strong showing in the 2014 World Cup. So, understandably, he has decided to terminate his contract early and to find another place to play.

On January 27, Estudiantes announced the official deal on their website: the Uruguayan international will play on loan for the Argentine side until this June when the club will have to pay €5 million to keep the player with them. One of the main reasons he chose Estudiantes over other, more important clubs is that his wife and his daughter are both from La Plata, the home city of the club.