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Chino is probably leaving Inter. I am suicidal.


Well, besides the fact that Valencia totally went all Mad Max on our sorry asses on Tuesday, now I found some more bad news. Sure, they are stemming from the local tabloids and, but still.

According to this:

"I want to go home," Recoba, convinced he has no future at Inter under Mancini, told friends in the evening.

With all due respect to El Chino, I'm not sure that he can utter something as meaningful as that. He probably started blowing spit bubbles and stomping his foot while screaming "Ug. PLAY WANTY PLAY WANTY!". Or something. But all mean jokes aside, if Recoba leaves, I'd be seriously bummed for at least a month or so. You know how all the teenage soccer fans have their Ricky Kaka or Fernando Torres, or that Gourcouff gnat or whatever. Well, I have Recoba. And the possibility of him leaving Inter is genuinely making me sad. I hope he changes his mind.

On the other side, I simply have to voice my opinion about the brawl. It actually goes along the lines of "DIE NAVARRO DIE", so I'll just try to make it sound a tad more civilised.

Okay, the hit&run thing? Totally uncool. Not to mention that Burdisso was being held by Cordoba and Zlatan (?) and couldn't fight back. Navarro did an equivalent of punching a person in a wheelchair.

Oh, and where the heck were Materazzi and Zlatan? If there are two football players so keen on starting fights, it's those two. I am severely disappointed. Julio Cruz trying to kick someone's ass while Zlatan is looking on is really really bizarre.

Oh, and Sinisa Mihajlovic? Where was he? My guess is that he was standing near the touchline, hawking up phlegm, waiting for Navarro to run past him so he could spit him in the face:

-harkkk- -kahhhm- -hawkkk- O snap, he gots away!

All in all, I'll go lock myself up in my room and blast angry music for two hours. Bye.

P.S.: I'd like to thank Mike for doing an abysmal job with the blog. He reall was all over the Valencia game and the Udinese draw and everything. I love you Mike. Let's have three babies and name them after Inter players!