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Inter Info: 1/22/08

Here ya' go:

----> A day after Roma coach Luciano Spalletti questioned the validity of Inter's win, both Milan and Juventus managers, Carlo Ancelotti and Claudio Ranieri, insisted that Inter's win was the result of an honest effort and not the referees decisions. Obviously Spalletti would be angry, his team won and was 5 minutes away from gaining ground on Inter. However, Ancelotti's and Ranieri's comments back up my thoughts. There was no handball, and Inter won honestly.

----> Both and Tuttosport are proclaiming that the Nerazzuri may steal Diego right from under Juve's nose. If this was just another transfer rumor article, (What are there, about 58 a day? Yea, 58 sounds about right.) I would of passed over it. However, now that I see that even Tuttosport is reporting this as well, who knows. Earlier this week it was reported that Juve were close to signing the 22 year-old, but were only willing to pay the 20 million Euro out of the 25 that Werder Bremen had asked for. But, with Inter coach Roberto Mancini calling for a few signings due to Inter's long injury list, it might be more than a rumor. Unlike my comments on Ronaldinho yesterday, I feel like Diego would make a nice fit. There are no reports that he is trouble in the locker room, and at 22 years-old he could be a terrific play-maker in our midfield for a long time. We'll just have to wait and watch how this story develops.

----> Some idiot, Carlo Garganese, wrote a article saying Inter was "given" points. Here are the facts (There actually more opinion than facts. How my man Carlo rounds to 5 or 8 points is beyond me.) :

"The bigger picture it seems is that referees are looking for any excuse to give Inter a penalty. You can bet your bottom dollar that any 50/50 decision (even 40/60 or 30/70 for that matter) in the opposition box is going to result in a spot-kick.

(Hmm, spot kick. Let me check. Nope, nothing on spot kick. But I did manage to find something on penalty kick. Idiot.)

The week before Inter were awarded a quite ludicrous penalty against Siena after a harmless coming together in the box between Julio Cruz and Paul Codrea. The score at the time of the incident was 0-0.
Nobody can doubt that Inter, domestically, are the strongest team in Italy – that is self-explanatory. However the truth is that Inter have probably obtained 5 to 8 points more this season due to poor officiating."

No comment.

----> Once again, blows something out of proportion. When is it going to stop?

----> Juventus coach Claudio Ranieri has finally given up. "There is real gap now and it could not be closed in six months or even a year. We just need to focus internally and build a base for next year." This "increases the stakes" for Juve when they take on Inter Wednesday in the Coppa Italia. As Claudio said, if they can't get some hardware in the Coppa Italia, it looks as if their trophy case will be empty this year.

----> Speaking of Wednesday, Juve will have to beat Inter without the services of Gigi Buffon, Pavel Nedved and Hasan Salihamidzic. Gigi has a back strain, Nedved has a sore throat (bitch), and Hasan has fatigue in his right thigh (Um, what?).

----> I'll have the Coppa Italia match preview verses Juve up later today.

---->Funny/crazy soccer picture of the day.