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And Low, The Beast is Vanquised: Inter 1-0 Juve

So what do you know, we finally beat them! True, Ibra missed a couple of sitters (sigh), but I believe that Inter controlled the game in the midfield and shut down their attack. There was one hairy moment from a Del Piero header, but Julio Cesar had it covered.


Marco picked up a yellow, as did Samuel, but they did their job and cleared the lines. I am glad that Matrix got to play in this important game - he has his shortcomings but no one can say he is not Inter through and through. One more clean sheet! Amauri, pink Nikes or no, didn't really have a chance all night. Besides, Marco looks much better in them.

Poor Amauri. No goals for you.

Muntari's goal may have been awkward, but it showed a spirit that I applaud. We play to the whistle - every play, every game. Grazie Muntari.Muntari scores the winning goal.

This win takes us to 30 points - that is 4 clear at the top. Plus, we have a huge boost to our confidence ahead of Panathinaikos.

Bravo Ragazzi. FORZA INTER