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Inter Info: 2/11/08

What's up my dawgs? It was a crazy day in footy yesterday, and also at theoffsides. (It's still continuing today, just check out the comments for my post match review.) So I'm sort of still calming down after a day and a half of heated arguments. In other news, the temperatures have fell to an unbelievable (and record breaking) -40 F in the Nation's Icebox. (Minnesota for all your retards who aren't good with word association. Wait, I'm sorry, I'm not supposed to say retard. Mentally challenged. There, that's better.) Sorry I'm a little grouchy, but when I walk outside and see my grandma frozen in place because the heater broke where she plays bingo, you can't blame me. Here's your daily fix. (Or personal portable heater. You can pick. I would suggest the heater.)

----> Here's The Great One copying what I said yesterday. He's 100% right about ref's being tougher on him. That's very easy to see just by watching the game. Every time he tries to "jostle" for position, especially when he's trying to win the header from a punt, the whistle is blown. "The only thing me and the team can do is win, and this is what we are doing." Perfect, just perfect Great One. That's basically what I, and all Inter supporters here at theoffside have been trying to say, we just win. So don't be mad about it. You don't have to be happy either, just accept it.

----> TSB is blocking out all the bullshit as well. Bravo, man, bravo. I hope the rest of Inter are taking up the same philosophy.

----> The retard (I mean nice mentally challenged man) is back. Carlo must be reading this site, because he basically stole what I've been saying since the Parma game. "Indeed they are, and this is most certainly the sign of a great team. Inter have the mental strength and character to suffer and still win." He robbed that shit right from my page, wtf Carlo?

----> This is Cassano. Even though I am a Inter fan through and through, my two favorite players are Cassano and Maradona. Cassano has such a natural gift, but he doesn't give a shit, and that's pretty cool. Also, the guy has a few screws loose up in that head of his. So it's no surprise when he says shit like this, "Are we allowed women in the build-up before matches? Well you simply have to organise it. You take a room upstairs and then quickly you meet up with them." That's what I like to call, Cassano Classic (CC).

----> Super Mario is also a mind reader. "Then, when I saw he did come in I felt sure he would score. Paloschi is more of a pure striker than me and is more prolific." Who knew?

----> Inter Milan technical manager Marco Branca has said for Inter to still be "serious" about their CL clash with Liverpool, despite their English troubles. I see Liverpool as the English version of A.C. Milan (at least this season), they can't play for shit in the domestic league, but when they get to the CL they can be dangerous. That's what I see here, a dangerous CL Liverpool. Should be a fun match.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.