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Inter Info: 2/13/08

What's up my dawgs? Nothing really much going on today, except that it's been raining for 10 hours straight, and it sucks. I'm not sure how people live in Seattle all year round. It's a very nice place, don't get me wrong (I visited there about 4 months ago), but there's way too much damn rain. Someone had previously commented about the weather in Seattle, so I'm guessing your from there. I forgot who it was, but I give a grade A bravo to that person for putting up with all that damn rain. In other news, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates slipped on a patch of ice yesterday and fractured his shoulder. This annoys me in two ways, a) if the man can't even walk without causing destruction, how can he defend our country. b) he brings complete and utter disgrace to the name Robert. Thanks asshole. Here's you daily fix. (Or patch of ice, if your names Robert. Best be staying away from those today.)

----> Much like Carlo, Pat Walsh is retarded as well. (I mean mentally challenged.) There must be some sort of disease going around the office or something. I mean seriously, is this guy crazy. When news broke that FIFA President Sepp Blatter was weighing the possibility of playing WC 2010 on artificial turf, I cried. Now this guy is applauding it?!?!? The game is meant to be played on grass. The ball bounces differently, slide tackling is brought to a minimum, passing and shooting is much different, it's just an all around different game. Please, just play on grass, where the game belongs.

----> Julio Cesar is trying to use reverse psychology. Smart tactic, Julio The Cat Gaffney. (Yes, I did just make Cesar's official nickname Julio The Cat Gaffney. And yes, it's because I love the Mighty Ducks. JTCG for short.) You see what he's trying to do, don't you? Giving Dida compliments, making him look good. JTCG wants to see him back in net, because he knows how much he really sucks. Always thinking on your toes JTCG.

----> The Matrix is calling Catania's bluff. Good for him, because it's bullshit. According to the Matrix, he did not refuse the call-up. "They say that I have refused the summons. Even for this game I responded to the call of the coach, I stayed at the hotel with my team-mates. I did everything to be in Zurich but then with Donadoni, who I have a special relationship, we decided with the doctors that it was not appropriate to attempt a forced recovery." And I believe him. He gave so much to the national team during the World Cup, how could anyone question his motivation? I mean, the guy will loose a leg to play for the Azzurri. Seriously, "I played against the Faroe Islands and Lithuania even though I was not fit. I almost lost a leg [against Hungary last August], and I was proud to do so." See, I told you.

----> Suazo finally speaks out. You never hear this guy say anything in the media, good or bad. Add this to his great performance against Catania, and this guy is really climbing up my list quickly.

----> Super Mario is a man among boys. He scored 2 goals in the final of the prestigious Viareggio youth tournament. He could of completed a hat-trick, and won the game, but the crossbar had other ideas. Great news for Super Mario and Inter, our youth team is continuing to grow. Bravo boys, bravo.

Video of the Day

Since yesterdays picture of the day was surprisingly a tribute to Il Capitano, I've also devoted video of the day to him as well. That's right, 2 days for Capitano.

Yup, he has two videos. That's the type of treatment you get when your the man.