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Inter Info: 2/17/08

What's up my dawgs? I'm still in celebration mode after moving 11 points clear on top. However, all Inter fans are going to have to put that in the back seat, because if you forgot, we're playing some team called Liverpool in some tournament called Champions League on Tuesday. Seriously, this is the BIGGEST game of the year. No league/derby/Roma game/Coppa Italia clash, can or will top this. Until we move on to the next round, of course. In other news, some idiot paid $14 million for a license plate. Saeed Khouri, a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family, bought the plate at a charity even in Abu Dhabi. I know that it was for charity, but c'mon buddy. There's so many other things you could buy for $14 million, and still donate to charity. Like, let's say, a day with Il Capitano. (Oh, I forgot. AJ is scared of getting made fun of because of my dumb ass nicknames. You know what, I don't give a shit. I like that one, and it's not going anywhere. Deal with it.) Here's you daily fix. (Or $14 million license plate. And if you're smart, your $14 million day with Il Capitano.)

----> Crespo is pissed. Read here as well. He says that it's about time Mancini started using him more. I say, I'm not sure. Crespo has basically reached legend status with the Nerazzurri faithful, so I can't take too many shots at him. But I must say, after last games performance, I think he'll be seeing even less action. However, let's look at this from Crespo's view. He's a striker, and striker's need confidence to succeed, by Mancini not playing him only made it worse. We know he's a great striker. Does he have it anymore, I'm not sure. But the only way we can ever find that out is if he plays.

----> Suazo was ready. I knew it, I have inside connections, and they told me this before the game. That's why I was so good in predicting Suazo's performance. Also, I really liked it when I heard this, "I always try to be ready and prepared, then it’s the coach who decides, I must learn to wait." Wow, this guy is really turning things around. He's been playing great, and now this. Davey continues to slowly rise on the popularity charts.

----> Mancini is a funny guy. "What will we speak about tonight? Will the evening TV broadcasts be the same?". That's the same thing I was wondering. Since there were no disputable calls in the game, what's going to be on T.V.?!?!?

----> Figo's happy to be back. "I'm happy because it had been a long time since I could do what I prefer - and that's playing with my team-mates. The team is playing very well, and I have to gain match fitness. I have to wait for more chances to play and help the team reach its objectives." Everything seems to be going well in the locker room (both Suazo and Figo giving great comments about team play), we continue to win, and we're in the "thick of things" in basically every tournament possible. It's great being an Inter fan right now. And all the time, for that matter.

----> Here's the squad for Liverpool. No Jimmy!!! Shit. I haven't been keeping up on his injury status, (although it does say on that he has been training daily) so I'm not sure what's up. Well that really ruins the lineup we had set up, doesn't it kirby?

----> Cruz's interview with Sky Italia today. A lot of interesting things here, but this caught my eye. (The interviewer asked him what's the greatest danger for Tuesday) "The atmosphere at the stadium will be incredible. And Liverpool have some fantastic players, but Inter start on the same level." Nice comment, show a bit of respect to Liverpool's players and fans, but remind them that they will be playing the Nerazzurri. So they won't get their hopes up.

----> What do you think the lineup will be? Kirby and I were discussing this, so I thought I would bring it to every one's attention. Since I'm all about involvement on this page, please, voice your opinion. I'm thinking it's going to look something like this:

(4-4-2) It's going from left to right, by the way.

Il Capitano,Cambiasso,Chivu, Stankovic;

Don't be surprised if you see Vieria in for Chivu. (I really hope we don't see that.) Or even Maniche for Stankovic.

Oh, and I'll have a full match preview for the Liverpool game up tomorrow. Hooray.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.