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Inter Info: 2/22/08

What's up my dawgs? As this damn white shit continues to fall from the sky, I think I'm finally over it. Yup, that's what I will be referring to that game as, "it". But I digress, back to the weather. It's been snowing since midnight, and just stopped. It has buried me in about 6 inches of snow. I know that doesn't sound like a lot to some of you, but the most snow we have got before this was about 2 inches. So yeah, this is my vision of what a blizzard looks like. A blizzard which I'm going to have to shovel later on today. Damn mother nature. In other news, apparently dogs can drive. Nuff' said. Here's your daily fix. (Or dog chauffeur.)

----> Moratti tells fans to relax. Recently, there have been reports that some Nerazzurri fans are in self-destruction mode after "it."(If you don't understand, read the intro paragraph.) I mentioned in yesterdays post that Mancini was lyrically attacked by about 2,000 Inter supports with chants of, "Go to work." In response to this, Moratti has said, "We must be proud to be Inter, because we are better than all the others." That's what I've been saying, everyone needs to relax. Yeah we had a bad showing in the CL so far, but we still have another shot. The Serie A is basically all but wrapped up, and, if anyone really cares, the Coppa Italia is in our sights as well. He also had this to say about possible summer transfers, "My intention is to invest less on new purchases. I have no priority in buying any Italians. I want to maintain the current group and eventually incorporate the best elements of our youth sector." It's a very good idea, seeing that our Primavera team recently won the very prestigious Viareggio youth tournament. Don't be surprised if you see Super Mario some time soon.

----> Moratti has a lot to say today. "If the crowd are as I expect them to be, it will be hard for Liverpool. I have trust. We have 90 minutes and we can score 15 goals if we want to." After his recent comments, it seems as if he's behind the team and coach 100%. Why wouldn't he be? They have only lost 2 games all year. Despite the most recent loss, I still have full faith in the black and blue.

----> The Matrix apologizes. "I have been thinking about it for two days, and 48 hours and my disappointment is the same as it was when I came off the pitch. The first thing I thought about wasn't the injustice I believe I suffered, but the difficult situation I had left the team in, and I am very sorry about this." Apology accepted. The yellows were complete bullshit, and in no way, shape, or form was the loss your fault. Now, come and give me and Ibra a nice big group huge.

----> More apologizes. This time, Il Capitano has broken down the sentimental barrier. Considering I've had time to asses the "situation" rationally and calm down, I accept. But not fully. You'll have to wait three weeks for that answer.

----> The San Siro will be strong. Considering how much of an effect Anfield seemed to have on even the most experienced Inter players, this is great news. The San Siro will be full, just what I was hoping for.

----> Here's the full Il Capitano interview with Sky Italia.

----> Here are the referee's that will be managing this weekends clash with Samp.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.