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Inter Info: 2/28/08

What's up my dawgs? Theoffsides is in complete chaos. And I love it. Comments flying from all over, on every blog, because of one game. Amazing. There's hate, happiness, crying, whining, bitching, cursing, confusion, death threats, an occasional I love you, and a smorgasbord of wide ranging insults.(All those adjectives describe fans from both sides. NOT just Roma.) Truthfully, this is when theoffsides is at its peak. Yup, that's what we need, a little bit of Inter-Roma to get some blood boiling, and people are going at each others throats. Good times, good times. In other news, no matter how big of a loser you think you are, this guy is worse. Ashley Martin Hurst, 32, pleaded guilty to charges including going armed in public to cause fear. Armed with knives and guns, he taunted police to shoot him at his home, on his birthday. The reason? The dude has no friends, no one called him on his birthday. Well, how can you expect to have friends if your name is Ashley and you're a guy? Here's your daily fix. (Or birthday phone call. Hey, you better cherish those while they still come. And please, don't name your boy Ashley. Save the kid the trouble.)

----> Yup, you guessed it. Another transfer speculation. According to, (And The Daily Express), Moratti is set to bid on Hleb. The 26 year-old signed with the Gunners in 2005 for 13.5 million Euros. With Figo most likely retiring after this season, this is obviously a replacement for him on the wing. I've said before that I want to see Inter pick up a high profile winger. When I do watch the Prem, it's usually Chelsea, Man United, or Arsenal. So, from what I've seen, I really like what he can bring. He's very creative, quick, and is a good crosser. There's a while before we can start making transfers again, so don't too excited.

----> I told you it was all media bullshit. There have been many reports recently about Nerazzurri fans being very unhappy with Manico. The biggest story being, the argument he had with Inter fans at the airport. Then, the fans supposedly chanting, "go to work." However, last night the Nerazzurri faithful displayed their support by hanging a banner which said, "Despite the disputes the press are reporting. Today we are more united than ever. Do not believe that we do not believe in you." He made his first bad move yesterday with the subs, but I'm over it. Forza Manico.

----> Crespo's not a diver. "It was a completely regulation incident. I just felt the contact and it was up to the referee to decided whether or not it was a yellow card or not. am a fair player and I don’t dive. It’s not a question of cunning – I just lost my balance. I didn’t even know who was behind me. I got to the ball quickly and I felt a push. We can’t go looking at all episodes like this." He does make a good point, his back was to goal. Right? So he didn't even know Mexes was behind him. Correct? Yes, he did over exaggerate a bit, but there was definitely contact. Mexes clearly rolled his side over, pushing Crespo with his hip. there was no intent to gain possession, because Mexes was looking at his back. He hit Crespo from behind, with no intent to make a tackle for the ball. Yellow.

----> This is my dream. "Roberto Mancini has insisted to us on signing several players he's suggested. For example, one of them is Cassano." Oh my, how sweet that would be. I understand that the chances of that happening are slim to none, because in the past weekends game, during his goal celebration, he gestured as if he wanted to stay in Genoa. But, c'mon, don't tell me you haven't dreamt of this. I'd give my right leg and few fingers for this to happen. Seriously.

----> Il Capitano is all smiles. "It was an important goal because it was a difficult game that we were losing 1-0 with little time left. We were pouring forward and luckily we scored." I love you. Nuff' said.

----> Mancio, "It was our destiny." "Considering how things were going, it is a draw that is worth more than a victory. The team showed great character and we soaked up pressure when we had to, proving we are a fantastic side. Zanetti’s goal seems like a sign from destiny." Ya' see, character. What did I say? We were struggling, and a loss would of put us in the danger zone. However, the tie has put us one step closer to regaining our terrific form as the CL clash gets closer and closer.

----> Here's Mancini's post match interview. Sorry about it being in Italian and all. Unless, you can speak Italian. In that case, you're welcome.

----> Mancini discussing his happiness with the Nerazzurri performance, and every other thing that had to do with the match yesterday.

----> It's a sprained left ankle. According to, Max "underwent medical tests before starting a programme of physical therapy and specific exercises." In the game verses Roma he literally ran on the side of his left foot, which looked terrible painful. There's no timetable given yet, so I'm not sure. But I'll be praying. Meanwhile, Zlatan and Cruz trained separately. (Zlatan- therapy, strength building, and running on sand track. Cruz- therapy, strength building, and aerobic work.) I don't think a timetable has been given for these two either. More praying.

----> The disciplinary situation for this weekends game verses Napoli. We'll be missing Burdisso, so I think we'll see a Rivas/Chivu matchup. (If The Matrix is ready to go, expect to see him in there. With either Rivas or Chivu next to him.)

Picture of the Day:

Totti may be Jesus to Roma fans, but this guy is God to EVERYONE. Numero uno. Sempre.