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Inter Info: 2/29/08

What's up my dawgs? I got some bad news for you guys. Seems like the game this weekend will not be on T.V., again. Against Sampdoria, we had the same problem, so I had to watch it on It was okay, but not like my nice big T.V. I checked FSC and, instead of having the Inter game on, they'll be airing Cagliari-Genoa. Seriously, what's up with that shit? I also checked Rai International, but they Rai Italia airing, for what seems all day. Then to be safe, I checked bet365's live stream schedule. Sadly, Inter wasn't their either. This is a serious problem. If ANYONE can find a website that will have it streaming, (preferably without having to download any extra software to watch it) please post it. Grazie. In other news, that's a lot of damn pancakes. Instead of just a little get together for the 50th anniversary of The Kiwanis Club's Pancake Karnival fundraiser, they decided to serve a shit load of pancakes. 34,818 pancakes to be exact, a Guinness World Record. Cool. Here's your daily fix. (Or 34,818 pancakes. You're going to need a few Tums after that feast. And maybe 10 minutes on the treadmill. Fat ass.)

----> Il Capitano has had enough. "This thing is starting to annoy me. Unlike the past, at least now you can safely bet on the good faith of all [referees]. Do not joke about. It is claimed that we are only winning thanks to all of the referees. Now I say ‘this is enough’. For two years we have dominated on the field." We know how you feel Il Capitano, we're going through the same thing you are. However, as long as you guys keep on succeeding, people will continue to try and find reasons to discredit that. But, who gives a shit about them? I've been a bundle of joy this season, (most of the time) and I don't want to stop now. He also commented on the switch Mancio made to play him in the midfield, "And since Roberto Mancini started playing me in midfield it is as if I have begun a second career. It’s a role that suits me and I feel younger and more motivated."

----> I told you to not get too excited about the Hleb deal. Yesterday, I reported that the Nerazzurri may be lining up for a summer stab at the Gunners Hleb. However, it was from, so it's not really a surprise that it has been dismissed a day later. That website throws transfer news around more loosely than Mancio and his subs. (He so set himself up for that one. I'm sorry Mancio. Never again.) "All I can say is from my side there is nothing going on. I am very proud to play for Arsenal."

----> I told you character was important. "The team is not at its best, but with this character we can also beat Liverpool." There it is once. "It's a physical fact, but also a bit of stress. In this period we were not brilliant, but if we manage to overcome it with character, then the brilliance will return and we can play with more tranquillity." There it is twice. Moratti must be reading my site, because I've been saying the same thing. We're tired, injured, and obviously not in our best stretch of the season, but we have overcome everything with our character. That's why I truly believe we can beat Liverpool and advance. Even though the injuries may be continuing to pile up, and we're down 2 goals, our character will pull us through. Forza Inter.

----> Super Mario loves Inter. "I am happy at Inter because this is my dream team, I couldn't’t wish for anything more. I don’t know if I will go on loan or stay here, it is up to the Board. I would like to stay here though, because I feel good at Inter." There's a few things that need discussing here. First, it's very satisfying to hear that Super Mario's dream is to play for Inter. So Chelsea, no, he won't go with you even if you try to "steal" him with a helicopter. Second, the loan situation. This would come up sooner or later, especially with such a young, yet talented player like Super Mario. On one hand, a loan would be good. He would get much more first team experience, and start consistently. However, he would be out of Inter's "sights", and rushing him is definitely a scare. I still haven't made a decision on which I would prefer. I guess it would depend on where he would be sent, but I still need to think about it.

----> The Fatty saga continues. He was late for practice, then left early, and no one missed him. "If he is not happy here, he can go away. He left the training ground because he wanted to. The team does not miss him." I think his chance to ever play for Inter again has finally ended. If he can't make it at Sao Paulo, he can't make it for the Nerazzurri. People have had enough of his shit. He has been given a numerous amount of chances, but blows it every time. Goodbye Fatty.

----> Here are the interviews with Aparecido Cesar, Figo, and Max. You're welcome.

----> Here's the training session info for today. Still nothing on Max.

----> Here's the ref for this weekends game.

Video of the Day:

Mexes or no Mexes, that ball was going in. Forza Il Capitano. Sempre.

Rete,rete,rete,rete,rete,rete,rete,rete,rete!!!! Il Capitanooooo!!!! I LOVE it. Still gives me the chills.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.