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Special Edition Inter Info: 2/7/08 "Robby's Back"

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm back. I had a nice vacation, but I'm ready to get back to work. A lot of shit happened when I was away, so let me recap.

We had another disappointing ten-man tie against Udinese, Roma began to gain. The youngsters show terrific play and composure, as they win in Turin to advance in the Coppa Italia. In the same game, Super Mario is born. (Take that shit Pato.) More penalty controversy, as we beat Empoli. Roma get their asses handed to them, we improve our lead to eight points.

Well that about sums it up. Now for your daily fix of Inter news.

----> 21 year-old New Jersey native, Giuseppe Rossi has caught Inter's attention. Rossi, who started off in Parma's youth system, was eventually sold to Villarreal from Manchester United . He currently has ten goals in the La Liga. He suffered a knee injury in a match against Atletico Madrid, and was out six weeks. However he has come back on strong, adding three goals after his injury. I saw Rossi play, and score, in Italy's U-21 clash with Holland on Tuesday, and he was great. I love his quickness, and finishing ability. I hope we can pick him up this summer.

----> Inter look to lock up Super Mario. Kind of an obvious move, isn't it? We have seen what he can do, he has said that his dream is to play for the Nerazzuri, let's lock this kid up before someone else does. End of discussion.

Sorry about the short post, not too much going on today. Stay tuned for any Inter updates throughout the day.

Some Super Mario to brighten up your day.