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Holy Crap, We Actually Did It! CAMPIONE D'ITALIA!

Warning: This post may annoy some people. The post will not contain anything negative about any team or player, but it will be joyously and unapologetically celebratory. If you are feeling fragile or thin-skinned about the results on Sunday, don't read this post. But if you want to party, come on in!

Raise the Scudetto

Wow, that game against Parma was a real nail-biter.
Heavy rains before the game made for an unpredictable pitch and a fast ball. The first half went poorly for us, especially with Roma going ahead of Catania in the first 8 minutes. There were definite possession problems on our side - A. Cesar in particular. At half time, we were a wet, sorry lot. We had managed to keep them from scoring (thank you Julio Cesar for that great early save!), but we could not seem to hit the net no matter how hard we tried.

The second half began much as the first - wet and miserable. This was going to be slog. Then, like a ray of sun from the clouds came Zlatan Ibrahimovic - back from injury after 6 weeks. At first, it looked a bit grim as Ibra sent two wide, but then Stankovic passed the ball to Ibra and the miracolo.... RETE!


With that, not even the rain could stop us (and by this time, it is truly horrendous - any other game and they would have suspended play). Fifteen minutes later Doppio Miracolo! Zlatan scores again from a wicked cross by Maicon. The rest is just played as a formality, it seems. The rain keeps falling, and by the 80th minute, the ball will hardly roll and the keepers are in danger of drowning in the ponds to either side of the goals. The ref awards 4 minutes of stoppage time - and that's it! CAMPIONE D'ITALIA !!!!!!!!! SIAMO NOI CAMPIONE D'ITALIA Inter get their 16th Scudetto and I go ballistic.

Check out the videos on the Inter site - I dont know that I can embed them here, so you will have to follow the link. My favorite is "Festa scudetto - spogliatoio."
And then the festa at the San Siro (see below for those that want to sing along as I do):

Lo sai per un gol, io darei la vita….la mia vita
Che in fondo lo so, sarà una partita….infinita
E’ un sogno che ho' è un coro che sale….a sognare
Su e giù dalla Nord' novanta minuti …per segnare
Nerazzurri noi saremo qui
Nerazzurri pazzi come te
Nerazzurri Non fateci soffrire
ma va bene… vinceremo insieme!
Pazza Inter amala!
E’ una gioia infinita che dura una vita
Pazza Inter amala!
Vivila! questa storia vivila
Può durare una vita o una sola partita
Pazza Inter amala!
E continuerò nel sole e nel vento… la mia festa
Per sempre vivrò con questi colori…. nella testa
Nerazzurri io vi seguirò
Nerazzurri sempre lì vivrò
Nerazzurri questa mia speranza
E l’assenza io non vivo senza!!!
Pazza Inter amala!
E’ una gioia infinita che dura una vita
Pazza Inter amala!
Seguila! in trasferta o giu’ in città
Può durare una vita o una sola partita
Pazza Inter amala!!!
Là in mezzo al campo c’è un nuovo campione
È un tiro che parte da questa canzone
Forza non mollare mai!!!
Amala, Pazza Inter amala!
È una gioia infinita che dura una vita
Pazza Inter Amala!!!
Pazza Inter Amala!!

So now what? Well in America, football players go to Disneyland when they win. It seems that in Italy, they go to the waterpark:

Waterpark 1-3



It has certainly been a tough ride. With our amazing Champions League run in the group stage, to the horrors of Liverpool; the highs of an 11 point lead that we let slip to a single point; and the promise of the strongest team in Europe brought to it's knees by injury. Through all this, we managed to win, on the last day, in the last 30 minutes. I don't care what anyone says - this one is ours.

Grazie Inter, Grazie Ragazzi, Grazie per un meraviglioso anno.

we did it

Oh, and dont forget, there is still the Coppa Italia finals this Saturday.