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Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

As we bask in the glow of our 16th Scudetto, I thought it might be nice to think about some of our favorite things. More specifically, my favorite Inter players. Now, I know they are all great in their own special way, but I also know that we all have our favorites. Later in the week I will tackle the Coppa Italia, and after that there will be plenty of time to rehash the whole season and think about who may be coming and who will be leaving. Right now, take a moment to think about it, and ask yourself, who is your favorite Inter players - from this season or any other? You know, those players that give you that warm fuzzy feeling... Ok, maybe that is just me.

Javier Zanetti - El Capitano

ZanettiThis may be a little trite, but for the last 10 years (and my whole involvement with the team), he has been the rock around which the rest of the team has been built. This season, he is one of only three players who played all 38 games of the 2007/2008 Serie A season. He never embarrasses himself with the press or publicly makes a fool of himself with women. I don't care what team you support, no one can deny that this man has skills. He never stops trying, he is always there (593 games), I can hardly picture the team without him, and he has enormous thighs. Our Capitano is certainly one of my favorite things.

Julio Cesar (Soares Espindola) - L'acchiappasogni

JC at stretchThis guy is relatively new, but has come into his own this year. After that little problem he had the first game of the season when he found himself outside the box with the ball, he has had a stellar season. He has played all but 3 games with us this campaign, and has often saved our proverbial bacon. Inter have only conceded 26 goals (11 less than Roma or Juventus, 12 less than Milan, and 13 less than Fiorentina), our best defensive showing in years. Even more than being an outstanding keeper, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. The more I know of him, the better I like him. I hope to see him between the poles for many years to come. He is one of my very favorite things.

Marco Materazzi - Matrix

marcoI know he has his faults, his heavy tackles, his supposed dirty tricks, but I just love Marco. He may not be having his best season, but he is 100% Inter and 100% Italy. He always gives his all, and sometimes it is that passion (and his reputation) that gets the better of him. I don't condone violence, but I find the fact that Marco is always ready to step in and up for the Nerrazzurri very endearing. He may not be the brightest bunny in the woods, but I am glad he plays for our team. He also seems like a nice guy - someone you could just hang out with - and his children are super cute. I always think of him as the heart of Inter - impetuous but loyal to the end. I wear a number 23 jersey with pride because Marco is one of my favorite things.

Because I can and Tutti Pazzi per Materazzi:

Honorable Mention

There are a few players that I like but am not quite so passionate about. Of these, the top three are probably Hernan Crespo, Luis Figo, and Esteban Cambiasso. But then there are always Olivier Dacourt and Douglas Maicon. And I cant wait to get to know Balotelli better. We will them to some other time.

Alright, who did I miss...

Dimi Ragazzi, chi vuoi?
Forza Inter

Coppa Italia later, lets just enjoy ourselves for a little while longer.