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No News is Good News?


There is not much news out of the Inter camp today and too many margaritas make for bad blogging.

The Italian press is skewering our performance on Sunday - and rightfully so. The Corriere dello Sport did not like our game at all.

The highest rating was for Julio Cesar (6.5) and Viera and Rivas bring up the back (both 4.5). They also called Rosetti on that missed penalty. He got 5.5.

Inter got another Golden Tapir.
We got the other one after we lost at home to Liverpool.

I suppose we could wallow in our terrible performance, but what is the use in that? Let us instead focus on our glorious victories to come.

The team trained today at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti.

Some good news on that front is that Ivan Cordoba was running today for the first time since his injury. Also, Ibra is back in town training separately in the gym for now. I still think he may play a bit for Sienna - we will see.

Looking towards the Coppa Italia, Mancini has 6 Primavera players training with the first team: Vid Belec (gk), Ivan Fatic (d), Marco Filippini (d), Francesco Bolzoni (mf), Daniele Pedrelli (mf), and Luca Siligardi (f).

Wednesday they are off to Rome to see the Pope! Hopefully the audience is before the game - I dont know if Pope Mojo will help, but it cant hurt!

In the "Where are they now" file, Fat Ronnie is still suffering the fallout from his little "mistake".
Ronaldo Simpsons
Il Fenomeno says that he is stupid but not gay; UNICEF dont want him; TIM have dropped him; and apparently there may some difficulties with Milan. It begs the question: Why cant these footballers just keep it in their pants?!?


Not much here. Wenger is still whining about Inter pursing Hleb, and Maxwell's agent wants more money or he will start talking to Arsenal, Chelsea, and Real Madrid.

Well, that's about it.

Ciao Ragazzi
Forza Inter