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At Least The Team Likes Rivas

For whatever his faults, it looks like Nelson Rivas is at least popular with the team. I know, this is not big news, but I was so tickled by these photos from training yesterday that I just had to post them! Besides, what is the point of blogging if I cant use the forum to indulge myself?

Max and Rivas
Maxwell tries the new "tickle therapy" on Rivas.

Cuchu joins the fun
Cuchu shows Maxwell the more preferred method of tickling a teammate. Deki hears that Cambiasso is handing out hugs and comes a runnin'.

Pig pile on Rivas
Suddenly, with the involvement of Cuchu and Deki, the perfectly innocent therapy turns into a full-out pig pile on poor Rivas. (Note that Orlandoni, while not interested in tickles, seems to like pig piles just fine.)

Pig pile on Rivas now complete
With the pile complete, Bolzoni learns about the perks of training with the first team, while we get the added bonus of a nice photo of Deki (in the blue boots). Muntari seems to be thinking that this is not how they trained at Portsmouth.

Ah, good clean fun.

I love our team.