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Inter: Champions League Group A and UEFA Club Football Awards

Sneijder, Julio Cesar, Milito, and Maicon - Club award winners
Not a lot of time, but I wanted to get something up. Inter totally nailed the UEFA Club Awards with a clean sweep. Also, we got Group A. All in all, not a bad morning.

As you can all see by the wonderful photo, Inter players took the UEFA Club Football awards in all 4 categories:

Julio Cesar: Best keeper
Maicon: Best Defender
Sneijder: Best Midfielder
Milito: Best Attacker & Football Player of the Year.

Good job, boys! This is the first time a single team has swept the awards. For the interested, there are lots of pictures here.

In terms of the Champions League, Inter are in Group A, along with Twente (Dutch Champions), Werder Bremen (new home of Arnautovic), and Tottenham Hotspur (of rising star fame). Not the group of death we had last year, but no cake walk either.

Schedule is:
-- Tuesday, Sept 14: Twente-F.C. Internazionale
-- Wednesday, Sept 29: F.C. Internazionale-Werder Bremen
-- Wednesday, Sept 20: F.C. Internazionale-Tottenham Hotspur
-- Tuesday, Nov 2: Tottenham Hotspur-F.C. Internazionale
-- Wednesday, Nov 24: F.C. Internazionale-Twente
-- Tuesday, Dec 7: Werder Bremen-F.C. Internazionale

I can hardly wait!