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Ranocchia wins the Gillette Future Champion Award

Gillette Future Champion

Before we start mooning over possible new players, I thought we should recognize the wonderfulness of the ones we already have. Well, one in particular, our new baby defender: Andrea Ranocchia. He has just won the Gillette Future Champion 2010 Award, beating out Roma's Stefano Okaka and Juve's Leonardo Bonucci. I know, it's no Ballon d'Or or anything, but it is pretty freaking cute! And we all know how I feel about the cute.

I guess at one point you could vote on line or something, I dont know. This one sort of flew under my radar. There was all sorts of fun advertising, like this video of what will I am sure become a fast favorite college sport, smacking balls off the head meter maids:

Dont you wanna try it now? (This blog does not in any way condone the stealing of golf carts or installing tiny little goals in them then driving around - with or without beer - while your friends kick balls at your head.)

Strangely, his campaign video shows him shaving said golf cart. While I applaud your initiative, honey, cars dont have beards. Good try, though.

Doesn't that just scream "VOTE FOR ME!" Sure it does.

Last year, Santon was up for this same award but he got edged out by Paloschi. The year before, I think it was Giovinco. So our Ranocchia is in good company at least.

Marco shaves Ranocchia
I wonder if they practiced this in the locker room.

Among other things, Ranocchia won a shave from his new teammate, Marco Materazzi. Marco was quite nice, calling Andrea the heir to Nesta. Awwww.

Good job, new kid!


And now you too can partake in the tinny strangeness that was Marco Materazzi and Andrea Ranocchia at the Gillette function today: