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Official: Marotta pens 2027 contract renewal

The future of Inter’s CEO’s is confirmed

Giuseppe Marotta (Beppe Marotta), CEO for sport of FC... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Inter’s recent contract renewals have locked down a number of key contributors on the pitch, but this latest one, featuring no player at all, but instead CEO Beppe Marotta, might be the most important yet. Steven Zhang announced in last Friday’s board of directors meeting that Marotta, along with sporting director Piero Ausilio and his assistant Dario Baccin, have signed new contracts until June 2027, with their previous ones set to expire this coming summer.

Ensuring Marotta’s future is an excellent move from Inter. Ever since his arrival from Juventus in 2018, the club has been on the rise and (perhaps even more importantly) stayed near the top once it got there. That’s no easy feat even in the best of times, let alone under Suning’s financial restraints. Nonetheless, Marotta has kept Inter competitive and churning out mostly successful transfer markets on a budget. There have been some mistakes, but that’s the reality no matter who’s running the ship. What can’t be denied is that Inter would be a lot worse off without Marotta and it’s thanks in large part to him that the club has found the success it has in recent seasons, and will hopefully continue to enjoy in the next three and a half years under Marotta’s leadership.