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Juventus v Inter: Time To Get Froggy - Liveblog

Round One... Fight!!!

Round One... Fight!!!

No, the name of the post has nothing to do with Ranocchia. In my group of friends to become froggy means to get aggressive and/or start swinging punches. Usually, we'd use it while playing poker or right before we get into a fight. What someone would say to a target right before a fight would be "If you're feeling froggy, then leap!", thus inviting them to take a swing or 2. Well it's time to leap straight into The Belly of The Beast and get froggy on The Forces of Darkness.

Join me 30 Minutes before the game to cheer on the Boys as we take on the greatest Evil known to man...

Oh and Joey, here's that scary music you wanted to cue (it's more ominous than anything...).

Juve v Inter