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Inter v Calgiari - Liveblog

Pandev strikes a pose...

Pandev strikes a pose...

...Because this is the only thing he remembers how to strike now-a-days.

This is one of those matchdays that decided where the title will be at the end of the season. Milan are traveling to Verona to take on Chievo (whom I believe will do us a favour and take some points off our cousins), whilst Napoli will be hosting Catania. Hopefully, they both drop points against their potential banana peels and we win our game, thus taking advantage of their slip(Mario Kart anyone?). If not, we still must win in order to keep pace with those ahead of us. Losing, or even drawing, is not an option today.

Join me 15 minutes before the game to cheer on the Boys as they take on yet another Serie A opponent. Forza Inter!!!

Inter v Calgiari