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Inter v Sampdoria - Chin Up Liveblog

It will be a battle

It will be a battle

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t still reeling from that last minute loss during the week. That one hurt more than any loss we’ve suffered in recent years. But now is the time for me to stop dwelling on the past and look towards the future as we have a very important game against Sampdoria today. With our 2 main rivals AC and Napoli battling it out at the San Siro, this could be our chance to take advantage of a slip by any. Maybe even both? If anything, I just hope we win so that the spirit in the camp can be lifted once again.

Join me 15 minutes before game time to cheer on the Boys as they take on Sampdoria in the decisive Round 27 of Serie A! Forza Nerazzurri!

Inter v Sampdoria