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Inter v Roma: No Totti, No Party - Liveblog

Man is it tough to stay on top sometimes...

Man is it tough to stay on top sometimes...

Well it's that time of year again when Roma come to town. Earlier this season they won in the capital thanks to a Vucinic goal at the death. Me? I'm never happy to lose, especially to these guys. I wouldn't mind if we slaughtered them by 3 or maybe 4 goals to get some revenge. Today though, I'd take a boring 1-0 win. Capitalizing on Milan's dropped points against Genoa is key! Roma will want to do the same and I think that's the reason this game is going to boil down into a bloodbath and this makes me nervous as hell!

Join me 15 minutes before game time to be my support group and cheer on the Boys as they take on AS Roma at the San Siro! Be there, Be Champions!

Inter v Roma