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It Is Nice to End On A High Note

Lucky Number 7 Coppa Italia Win

I know most Serie A fans consider the Coppa Italia to be a booby prize, but a prize is a prize and we should not belittle our opponents by belittling the tournament. I am proud to have won this title and I will celebrate it with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. We had a tough season, not as bad as the old days, but trying none the less. It is gratifying that the team was able to muster the pride and the grit to bring home the Coppa Italia. And all things considered, I will take it. Besides, it is lucky number 7!

Leo with the Coppa
Leonardo, you sly dog you. Your first title as a coach. Cudos.

This was a tough game. Palermo is a good team with talented players. If they had put away the chances they created, this would be a very different post. They were able to slice through our defense like a hot knife through butter. It was only lack of experience and perhaps a case of nerves that saved the day for Inter. Well, that and some amazing wonderfulness from Julio Cesar. Let's not discount him.

Oh, or Samuel Eto'o. That man is a football god. I would buy a jersey with his name on it but I dont want to temp fate. Two years ago I bought an Ibrahimovic jersey to celebrate that season. Last year I got a Balotelli. Nope. I will just enjoy his wonderfulness from afar. Safer that way.

Samuel scores for Inter... Again
A great athlete, a great man.

And talk about your emotional. Milito has had a terrible year. He has been plagued by ill form and injuries - a shadow of his former self. Leo puts him on in the last few minutes of the game and a glimmer of that Eto'o - Milito- Pandev magic from last season came out. Milito finally put away that sitter he has been missing all season. It was glorious. It brought a tear to his eye and all of ours as well.

And Milito gets one as well
Perhaps Il Principe is not as dead as we feared.

And lets not forget the new guys. For Nagatomo, Ranocchia, and Pazzini, this is their first title with Inter - maybe their first professional title ever. I hope it is the first of many. See what a little blood, sweat and tears will get you!

Ranocchia, Yuto, and Pazzini celebrate with Eto'o
Our Coppa Virgins. I hope this gives them a taste for trophies!

Anyway, I just wanted to get my two cents in. I am sure that MAD will give us a proper run down of the game with tactics and plays and moviola and junk - I just wanted to make sure we take a moment to appreciate what Inter has achieved today. It may not be what we all expected after last year but it isn't nothing either. Besides, it is ever so much more fun to celebrate what you have than moan about what you dont. After this will be the endless looking back and the stress of the silly season. Lets just take a moment to breath and appreciate the win.

Lucky Number 7! Coppa Italia Champions!


I guess this means Leonardo will be sticking around for a few more months. Hopefully he has a few seminars booked at Coverciano 'cause I dont think my heart can stand another season of allowing 42 goals! He does have nice hair, though... And he is a snappy dresser...
Leo's first title with Inter