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Silly Season Rumor Roundup 1


Since there is really nothing else to do, let's talk a bit about all the transfer rumors swirling around Inter at the moment. As always, dont believe anything until you see the picture with the jersey.

Well, it seems that Branca and Moratti are interested in bringing back the old ArgentInter tag because most recently, the rumor mill has been churning out a lot of Argentinian names. The hottest Argie name right now is Ricardo Alvarez. Word is, he is but minutes from officially being an Inter player after we beat out Arsenal with a 12 million euro bid for the kid (disturbingly, Transfermarkt rates him at 3.5 million. whoops). The rest of the rumor says that he will get a 1.5 million a year and a five year contract. Given that he is only 23, five years seems like a good idea. Other vitals: he has an Italian passport and is left footed. He made a total of 19 starts last season with Velez Sarsfield, making five goals and two assists.

Ricardo Alvarez listens to Inter's siren call
What's that you say? There are fine Argentinian Restaurants in Milan? Sold!

The British press doesn't seem to agree that Inter has won Alvarez, they think Arsenal is still in the mix. They want him to replace the finally Barcelona bound Fabregas and I have it from Twitter authority that neither player nor club has made a final decision.

UPDATE: News just in says that Inter has closed the deal for Alvarez. Believe it if you want. I prefer to wait for that photo with the jersey.

Next is Ever Banega (of recent own goal fame). He is 23 and plays in the midfield for Valencia. The price is said to be about 10 million euros for him, but, because he doesn't have an EU passport, Inter has offered considerably less, like half. If he manages to get a Spanish passport, then he would command the full price (I swear I read this, I just cant find the link). Anyway, this rumor isn't nearly has hot as the Alvarez one and it seems Banega is, at this point, still just a target.

Lamela - the newest hot young thing
"Hey all you European teams, come and get me!"

Erik Lamela is also supposedly on Branca's list. He is 19 and basically carried what was left of River Plate last season. He is an attacking midfielder with four goals and three assists last season. Inter is not the only interested party here though. Word is our biggest competitor for his signature is Napoli although Roma are also interested. He is relatively cheap, rated at about 5 million euro, and, as he has a Spanish passport, looks pretty tasty.

Palacio, Why the bad hair?
"Who wants a hug?"

Roderigo Palacio rounds out our list of Argies. As we all know, he is 29 years old, plays second striker/winger for Genoa, and has really terrible hair. It looked like he was pretty much all set to come to Inter but then Pandev put the whole deal into contention. Preziosi says that the only way he will let Palacio go is in exchange with Pandev. The only problem is, Pandev has refused a transfer and wants to stay at Inter (he did grow up with the club, after all).

Anyway, it is early days yet and this one may still happen. Gasparini may have words with Goran that will change his mind about the move. Personally, I dont see Palacio as a step up from Pandev so this isn't much of a problem for me. Pandev may not be all that good, but he seems to care about the shirt so I guess that is something. Plus, he counts as home grown for the Champions League.

Jonathan (Cicero Moreira) is the only Brazilian I have heard about. I think he may be in Italy right now meeting with Inter's medical staff. Word is, he has a bit of an injury right now that needs to be assessed. Rumor is that Inter has offered just under 5 million for the Santos right back, which is right on the money according to Transfermarkt. He has called himself the heir to Maicon and this deal has bred all sorts of speculation about Maicon going to Madrid. But that was last summer's soap opera and I am well over it. He will do what he will do.

Other names swirling around today are Vucinic, Hazard, and Van Persie. There have been rumors around Inter's interest in Vucinic since last winter. Personally, I am against it. He is far too inconsistent for me to get excited about. I am not saying he isn't talented (clearly, he is) but he has been known to check out for a month here and there. Besides, I think this was just casual interest and nothing concrete.

Eden Hazard everyone wants him
Admit it, you want me.

The rumor around Hazard is insane and no way is there any truth to it... unless we make a big Sneijder sale. Moratti Figlio has a thing for Hazard and has begged Papa to make him a little present of him. The only problem is, Everyone and their uncle wants Hazard as well... and he is priced accordingly. L'Equipe says that Inter has offered 40 million for the boy -- which is insane! I mean, I am sure Angelomario has been a good boy, but 40 million euro good? Not unless the team makes a big sale, that's for sure.

Today a new name popped up in relation to Inter: Arsenal's Robin Van Persie. This one I feel is entirely constructed in the fevered imaginations of board "journalists." If I were you, I would put it out of your mind entirely.

I think that is just about enough for now. There are more names we could go into, but frankly, I dont have the strength right now (and I have a bunch of cooking to get too).


No Inter but how about some Inter players playing for Argentina?

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