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Inter in Group B!

2011 2012 Champions League Draw, Inter in Group B

And so another Champions League season begins!

We join Russian side CSKA Moscow, French champions Lille, and the not Fenerbahçe Turkish team, Trabzonspor. (in case you didn't know, Fenerbahçe was disqualified for match fixing so Trabzonspor got their CL spot)

Inter's schedule will be as follows:

Wednesday, September 14: Inter -FC Trabzonspor

Tuesday, September 27: CSKA Moscow-Inter

Tuesday, October 18: Lille - Inter

Wednesday, November 2: Inter -Lille

Tuesday, November 22: Trabzonspor - Inter

Wednesday, December 7: Inter - CSKA Moscow

So, what do you think? Who will be our biggest challenge in the group? Anyone know anything about Trabzonspor?