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Ti Te Dominet Milan

Here is the wonderful coreografia from the Cura Nord at the last derby. It was an Inter home game and we won 4-2. This banner is a play on words. It is based on a line from the song O Mia Bela Madunina and sums up Inter season in regards to AC Milan perfectly.

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

O Mia Bela Madunina, an sort of unofficial anthem of Milan in the local dialect. The song is about the golden Madonna statue on top of the Duomo in Milan, the Madoninna, for which this derby is named. The lyric, "ti te dominet Milan" (you rule Milan), is about the statue and her lofty position over the city. In this case, it was to point out that, like the Madonnina, FC Internazionale rules Milan. And in this year, we did. Last season, every single Inter team beat every single Milan team in every competition. From our first team, right down to the tiniest babies. No matter our terrible finish last year, at least we ca say that in the 2011-2012 season, Ti Te Dominet Milan.

Forza Inter.