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Arrivederci Offside... Buongiorno SB Nation


Moving day has finally come! Dont worry, it will be easy - no heavy boxes, no giant couches - just a quick redirect and we are there. Easy as pie.

I dont know if you all remember but about a year ago the company that owned The Offside was bought by SB Nation. They have been slowly (glacially even) moving the blogs over to the new platform and site and it is finally Inter's turn. Nothing big will change, we will still have MAD, Kirby,and I providing the content, but there will be a new URL and a fancy new platform for us bloggers to play with.

According to the Powers That Be, the switch over will be on Wednesday... Just in time for our critical EL qualifier. Hooray!

Now, I know that we all fear change and love the Offside (or at least what it was), but I ask that you give the new place a chance. The people who run it are great and just as dedicated to providing a great place for people who love sport to hang out. They have the same sort of set-up, with sections for each sport and league, and many of the blogs we used to enjoy here have moved with pretty good results. The blogging platform has tons of bells and whistles and I am super happy with the new set up.

So, hang in there. Things may be a little bumpy but in the long run, I think this will be a positive thing. I know many of you will have questions so ask away and I will do my best to answer them. If I cant, I will forward them on to the big head in the sky.

Thanks so much for your continued support, everyone.

Now we will return to your regular programming.