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Inter Transfer Activity

After a sloooooooowwww start to the Transfer Market, Inter picked up the pace of their dealings. Having some money/payroll reserves after selling off Wes Sneijder certainly helped.


Updates will be made as needed. Obviously, no deal is official until it hits the official website. Dealings to Date:


Tommaso Rocchi (a) – €264,000 from Lazio

.5 Benassi (m) - €1 million from Modena

Schelotto (w) – €3.5 million + .5 Livaja (goes to Atalanta) from Atalanta

Kuzmanovic (m) - €1million from Stuttgart

Mateo Kovacic (m) - €11.5 + Bonuses from Dinamo Zagreb

Diego Laxalt (a,w) - €2.75 mil from Defensor Sporting (Pending July Transfer)

Morton Knudsen (m) - Midtyjlland

Juan Pablo Carrizo (g) - €250,000 from Lazio


Wesley Sneijder – €7.5 million + bonuses to Galatasaray

Coutinho - €13 million + bonuses to Liverpool

Livaja - Atalanta (Co-Own)

Riccardo Bocalon – Venezia (Loan)

Alfred Duncan – Livorno (Loan)

Matteo Bianchetti – Verona (Loan)

Andrea Romano – Prato (Loan)

Bessa – Vicenza (Loan)

Mariga - Parma (Co-Own)

Lo Crisetig - Crotone - from Spezia (Loan)

Enrico Boschi (a) - Sassoulo (Loan)

Riccardo Fasoli (d) - Catarese (Sold)

Manuel Gullatta (a) - Brescia (Loan)

Nicolo Amouroso (d) - Ancona (Loan)

Yago Del Piero (m) - Cesena (Co-Own)

Ismael Bangura (m) - Cesena (Sold)

Isaac Toah Ntow (a) - Cesena (Co-Own)

Luca Salvatori (g) - Monza (Loan)

Last Updated 1/31/13 @10:40 EST