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Hello and Welcome to the New Inter Offside for SB Nation!

Meet the Staff!

Inter Treble 2010. Mission: Complete
Inter Treble 2010. Mission: Complete
Shaun Botterill

First off, we would like to thank the folks over at SB Nation for giving us this opportunity to share our love for Inter.  Additionally, we would like to extend a thank you to Johonna and Inter_MAD for giving English speaking Interisti one of the first blogs and mediums to interact with each other on the World Wide Web.

Who exactly comprises the "we," you may ask?

Let us start with a few introductions.

I am TB and one of the new managers here at IO.  You may know me from Twitter (@SonoTuttoBene) and I have also written for numerous sites, including UnProfessionalFoul, Serie A Weekly and more recently,

Also on this adventure is La Pinetina (@LaPinetina).  She is known not only for her "passionate" Inter tweets on twitter but also as a level-headed supporter and proponent for the love of her life, FC Internazionale Milano.

Rounding out the staff is Max De Luca.  He currently runs the "Craft Beer of Inter Blogs" over at his personal site,  Max's work has appeared on and Yahoo Sports.  You can find him on Twitter at @Max_Power78.

So what can you expect from us here at the new Inter Offside?

You can expect the usual news, round ups and recaps, but more importantly we want to bring you quality editorials and articles with a splash of creativity, a dash of originality, and a whole lot of character.

One of the most important things that I feel others lose sight of is our fandom of Inter.  Here at IO, we are all fans.  No, scratch that, we are famiglia.  Inter is what brings us together and we want to be able to connect more of the Inter fan base through what we will offer. As President Massimo Moratti stated during his interview on Inter Channel "The fans are the true owners of a club. They're the ones who breathe life into it" (via the official twitter handle of FC Internazionale Milano, @Inter.)

Please bear with us as we find our footing at our new home and let us know how we are doing.  We have updated the Community Guidelines and we will be slowly moving things around as we get more familiar with our surroundings.

Most of all, we want everyone to have fun!

Grazie and please follow us on the new @SBNationInter Twitter account!

TB, La Pinetina, & Max