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Moratti Speaks About Transfers and More Rumors


Moratti was stopped outside his Saras offices today as is usually the case and he was asked several questions about the transfer market HERE on

President Moratti, with Barcelona after Samir Handanovic have you said goodbye?

"No, I don’t think there’s anything to it. I also read the newspaper report, but I read a lot of things that aren’t true. I can’t deny all of them."

Is it easier to replace a good goalkeeper or a good midfielder?

"We think perhaps we need a midfielder and we don’t need to replace a goalkeeper."

So Handanovic will stay?


I have to say that I have never thought that Inter would sell Handanovic in this summer’s market. The team needs all the good players it can get and a goalkeeper of this quality is a good thing to have. Also as I have said in the past, it’s not just the selling of Handanovic but then there needs to be the buying of another goalkeeper of some quality – not necessarily the same quality but certainly competent enough for this team to realize it’s objectives of Europe. Either way, a replacement will be relatively expensive and most probably a pain in the neck to find.

Besides all this, the supposed main suitor for Handanovic would be Barcelona because their own keeper was making noised about leaving. Valdes has stated that he’s not leaving and Barcelona’s interest is now moot.

Moratti has stated that the team would like another midfielder – outside or inside he didn’t specify. Personally, it’s my opinion that Mazzarri would be more likely to try and solidify the central midfield before turning his attention to the outside. That includes assessing what he’s got in house.

This brings us to the next item in the agenda – Stankovic. Deki has come and said that he is leaving the club – pending Mazzarri’s agreement that Deki isn’t needed. Mazzarri has stated time and time again that he needs to get people on the training ground and figure out what he’s got before he decides that people have to leave. Deki has also confirmed that this is the case. If Mazzarri doesn’t need him, he’ll leave. He’s left open the possibility to a last testimonial start or ceremonial last sub in or something. He has reiterated that all possibilities are open, he could leave this summer, this winter or next summer when his contract actually runs out. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly happens with all this. Btw, Stankovic has denied any interest in him from other teams including MLS teams and Lazio.

The Nainggolan saga continues. It could be that the deal shipping him off to Roma is finalized today, as they seem to be suitors for his services, also. There has been rampant speculation that Inter load up the youth members into the deal including Bardi, of whom Cagliari is one of 3 Serie A teams looking for his services. Bardi’s agent has said that Inter has communicated with him that the team is very much interested in keeping his rights protected. It is his opinion that if Bardi goes out, it’s a loan only. Considering his apparent ability in Serie B and in the U21s I think I agree with this stance.

Right now there is rampant speculation that Guarin is the transfer target of Tottenham Hotspurs. The rumor is that they have offered €20 million for him and that Inter have turned them down. Moratti, I can’t remember when he said it, added that he didn’t feel pressured to sell the player – although if a good enough offer came in… Guarin has already come out several times over the course of his Inter stay declaring that he’s happy to be here. Moratti is clearly telling Tottenham that if they want Guarin then they are going to have to put serious money up there.

Personally, I hope he stays. Guarin is a force for good on this team. He runs and he clearly plays with a passion. What he needs is a coach who will make him conserve his energy for a whole game and reign in his roaming so that his placement on the field serves the greater tactical good. Mazzarri is exactly that kind of coach to make Guarin see how great he can really be if he accepts being a cog in the machine rather than the wild card of the deck. Because physically, Guarin has it all – size, strength, speed, endurance, good effective range, at least decent technical ability with his feet and a willingness to be nasty on the field. All that is missing is his ability to see his place in the big picture, that elusive ability that only comes with repeated exposure with good coaches. If he can accept that role on the field, the sky’s the limit with him as far as I am concerned.

But all that may be moot if Tottenham makes Moratti an offer big enough for Inter to pry loose two of those midfielders (one each of the inside and outside variety) that Mazzarri supposedly wants. This is also assuming that there is a suitable replacement of Guarin out there somewhere…

Duncan’s name is everywhere I look. He has been linked with every team that has a player that Inter are supposedly interested in. I think that if I had to bet money right now – and I urge you not to bet based on my humble opinion – he will be going back to Livorno. I honestly can’t think of a better situation for him. He’s acclimated to the team, there’s no chance of disputing his ownership and he already likes it there. I don’t see how there is a better place for him to resume learning.

Lorenzo Tassi, one of the many jewels of Inter’s youth program, continues to be co owned by Inter and Brescia.

Speculation continues that Chivu is farther and farther from coming back to Inter next season. I have already touched on this before, but I think it's worth saying that another source has backed this particular news horse.

Honestly everything else in the news is complete speculation and not worth getting any dander up at this point. All I can say is that every news/rumor organization is telling me that the market for Inter is blocked until they sell – but no one can tell me who is being sold. All I can see is that there are purchasing “targets” like Nainggolan or Gilardino or somesuch but there aren’t any “Mr XYZ is definitely on his way out”. Handanovic? Rumors to his leaving are proven to be false. Guarin? Rumored offer is rumored to be rejected. Alvarez? Rumored to be a swap for another player – so the roster tally would be the same. Deki? Mmmmaybe more yes than not but surely he’s not enough, right? There are even rumored purchases with other teams involved, like the Cesar deal. Still no sales, though.

Man I hate this time of year.