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All the Inter Co-Owns Settled

Valerio Pennicino

Simone Benedetti (defender) Inter and Turin = Inter

Luca Caldirola (defender) Cesena and Inter = Inter

Lorenzo Crisetig (midfielder) Inter and Parma = Renewed co-ownership

Lorenzo Degeri (midfielder) Inter and Cremonese = Renewed co-ownership

Davide Faraoni (defender) Udinese and Inter = Udinese

Francesco Forte (attacker) Inter and Pisa = Renewed co-ownership

Jacopo Galimberti (defender) Parma and Inter = Inter

Luca Garritano (attacker) Cesena and Inter = Renewed co-ownership

Samir Handanovic (goalkeeper) Inter and Udinese = Inter

René Krhin (midfielder) Bologna and Inter = Renewed co-ownership

Marko Livaja (attacker) Atalanta and Inter = Renewed co-ownership

Riccardo Melgrati (goalkeeper) Cesena and Inter = Cesena

Diego Mella (attacker) Parma and Inter = Inter

Isaac Ntow (midfielder) Inter and Brescia = Brescia

Obiora Nwankwo (midfielder) Parma and Inter = Parma

Thomas Pedrabissi (attacker) Cesena and Inter = Cesena

Alen Stevanovic (midfielder) Torino and Inter = Turin

Lorenzo Tassi (midfielder) Inter and Brescia = Renewed co-ownership

Luke Tremolada (midfielder) Inter and Como = Renewed co-ownership

Eloge Koffi Yao Guy (defender) Inter and Parma = Renewed co-ownership