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News and Notes

Marco Luzzani

Inter’s winnings from the Europa league? 3 million, doesn’t seem worth it, does it. There isn’t much more to say about it really. Lazio, who went a level farther than Inter, got €500,000 more I think. I believe they are going to make the winner of the Europa League available for the Champions League to make it yet more appealing. Call me a curmudgeon but I still liked the old UEFA League when it was basically the Champions League without the various League Champions.

Spendlhofer signs for 3 more years if we still care about our young players. He was in contract limbo for a while and there was a détente in January, I think it was, and as injuries took their toll he made an app on the senior team. He will be loaned out immediately, but to be honest, he didn’t look too terrible from what I saw.

The TIM Trophy this season will be Juve Milan and Sassuolo – Inter and Napoli say no to taking part. There seems to be a hefty fine, €150,000 for Inter bowing out, legal parties have already sprung into action. Mazzarri has demanded a large part of July to run the team through his hoops and all other things be damned. I have absolutely no problem with this at all. If it would help, I would like Mazzarri to start right now.

Sky sports is reporting that Inter is days away from announcing Belfodil, hang ups at the moment include negotiations with players going the other way to Parma. Last week it was going to be Cassano who needed to be convinced. This week it’s Silvestre. Silvestre’s agent says that he wants to stay and prove his ability to Mazzarri. My suspicion is that Parma is going to pay a lot less than Inter and Silvestre wants his check. There is nothing from last season that would suggest that Silvestre is going to impress anyone. Mind you, I am not begrudging him anything, he made his deal and that’s great. But impress? Final pricing for this whole thing is supposedly set to be closer to 7 than 10.

Italian scouts were out in force at the Uruguay and Croatia game for the U20 World Cup. Who were the targets? They are midfielder Cristoforo of Uruguay and forward Rebic of Croatia. Inter are said to be more interested in the former rather than the latter.

Caldirola is now rumored to have a buy back clause in his transfer to Werder Bremen whereas it was first reported that there was a right of first refusal. Rumors suggest that the buy back would give Werder €1-1.5 million more than what they paid.