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Moratti, Thohir and Everything

Claudio Villa

There has been nothing in the news that would make me write about the sales of shares for quite some time – June 14th to be exact – when Moratti suggested that the deal with Thohir has stalled and a renovation deal for the Meazza would have to be considered.

Yesterday and today the news outlets, especially La Gazzetta, have been reporting that a deal is in fact imminent. The reason for the long negotiations? The actual worth of the club, and therefore each share had to be agreed upon. Then the two parties had to agree on how many shares would be sold.

Thohir, from the beginning has been vocal about taking the majority away from Moratti. Moratti for his part has been extremely reluctant to divest himself of the majority.

Rumor is suggesting that Thohir will take over some 30%-40% of the club. There is nothing confirmed to suggest that Thohir will take over more in gradual, staggered, increasing amounts. The stadium talk is tabled as far as I can tell until later since it’s still something of a sticking point. Moratti wants one; Thohir has been willing to dress up the Meazza. It appears that the Meazza will get dressed up in an upcoming possible Champions League Final bid.

There has been nothing to suggest that the purchase will occur before the 30th as there will probably be many more things to negotiate that I am not even aware of. Anyway, it’s nice to hear that there is some movement.