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Inter Moving Several More Young Players

Dino Panato

Alessandro Cappello, 17 year old forward from Bologna, has been a part of negotiations between Inter and Bologna since Monday-ish. At first there was nothing but cash going the other way. But Inter were balking at the price as Bologna were asking around €2 million. Currently the big rumor on this front is that Inter will be inserting several young players to grease the wheels, so to speak.

Reportedly, a loan or co-own of former Primavera player Alibec is on the table as are co-owns/loans of fullback Bandini and midfielder Romano.

Cappello has only one appearance with the Bologna senior team, in a Coppa Italia game against Livorno. Cappello will join recent Inter Primavera signing midfielder Pedro Delgado who has just passed his physical and is arriving on a free.

There was rumored to be a meeting between Inter and Catania over Samuele Longo who, as far as I know, is still recovering from shoulder problems. There is no word if it's to be a loan or co-own.