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A Happy Nerazzurri New Year wish to all Interisti worldwide!

A special Nerazzurri New Year's SB Nation Inter edition filled with a video of the Inter players and from Jose Mourinho himself. Happy New Year Interisti!

Captain Zanetti wishes all Interisti a Happy New Year!
Captain Zanetti wishes all Interisti a Happy New Year!
Dino Panato
We here @SBNationInter would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Ring in the new year in true Nerazzurri fashion with these holiday messages brought to you by the official @inter twitter account. FYI: If you continue to let the youtube video run, it will be like watching your very own Inter Channel with the highlights from this past first half of the season! Enjoy!

What Inter celebration would be complete without a picture and a few words from the one and only Special One, Jose Mourinho.

Lastly, if you had any doubt as to the love that Il Speciale had for Inter, look no further than this video clip where he tells a young Chelsea fan that his best moment was when he won the Champions League with Inter in 2010.

(Jose appears 8 minutes into the video.)

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Nerazzurri New Year from the SB Nation Inter staff: @LaPinetina, @SonoTuttoBene, and @Max_Power78!