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World Cup Inter Poll: Elite Eight

Make sure to cast your vote in the latest Inter Poll that focuses on the final eight countries vying for the coveted World Cup trophy.

World Cup trophy
World Cup trophy
Alexandre Schneider

The first World Cup Inter Poll asked the SB Nation Inter Offside community members who they thought would win during the group stages. Well many of us were either extremely optimistic and hopeful or just wrong (including myself which should come as no surprise if any one was following my progress, or lack thereof, during the group stages of our World Cup Bracketology).

While 30% of the vote went towards Italy, 28% voted for Germany, 17% for the Netherlands, 13% for Brazil, 8% for Argentina, and 2% for both Spain and a None of the Above option.

Although Italy and Spain are no longer in the running, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Argentina are still hoping to bring home World Cup glory.  We revised the Elite Eight Inter Poll to reflect all of the countries who are still participating in the competition.  Go forth and cast your vote and make sure to leave a comment so that we know who got it right and of course the bragging rights that subsequently follow picking it correctly!