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A Look Back at Inter's U.S.A. Preseason Tour

A collection of pictures from Stateside Interisti who got a chance to meet their Nerazzurri idols during the preseason Inter tour of the U.S.

Inter in the U.S.
Inter in the U.S.
Ezra Shaw

As Inter's preseason tour concluded this past weekend, below is a compilation of some of the pictures taken from West Coast Interisti, @JezDior and @_FedeNerazzurra as well as @GalianoRicardo representing Inter Club Los Angeles.

Here is recording artist and Interista, Jez Dior with Javier Zanetti and Juan Jesus:

This picture by @_FedeNerazzurra who runs the largest English speaking Inter community at captures Carrizo's Man of the Match honors as the backup goalkeeper made crucial saves to bring Inter the win against Champions League winner Real Madrid.

Representing Inter Club LA, @GalianoRicardo poses for a couple photos with the Nerazzurri Vice President and club legend, Javier Zanetti and current Inter defender, Juan Jesus: