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Osvaldo trains alone after being fined by Inter

After his altercations with both Icardi and Mancini during and following the game against Juventus, Pablo Osvaldo is now training separate from the group. Is his time at Inter already coming to an end?

Pablo Osvaldo's career at Inter might already be in jeopardy. As you may remember, during the Derby d'Italia Osvaldo furiously verbally (and possibly physically if Guarin had not stepped in) confronted Icardi following some selfish play from the young striker. He also chased Icardi down to continue his tirade following the game.

Now while Icardi has publicly stated that he was in the wrong and said that the incident is behind them, it seems that the club's management is still wary of Osvaldo. There are reports that the Italian-Argentine striker has been fined, is now training alone, and might potentially be moved out of the club even as early as this month.

Now everybody involved at Inter knew that signing the 28-year-old presented some risks, especially pertaining to his temper. He has shown numerous times in the past that he is prone to altercations with his teammates, but the club decided to take a risk with him.

Given the Nerazzurri's record of picking up volatile strikers (Balotelli, Cassano, etc.) and their subsequent breakups with the club an incident like this shouldn't be too surprising. But it is a little interesting that the club might be so easily willing to drop Osvaldo after one incident, especially after he started this campaign fairly well. Maybe Mancini is looking to keep the dressing room as harmonious as possible, or maybe the new arrivals of Podolski and Shaqiri have rendered Osvaldo more expendable.

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