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Inter announce €74 million loss for the year

The official losses the club faced have been released and they aren't as bad as previously thought.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Earlier there had been reports that Inter had suffered a financial loss of €90m for the 2015 financial year, but it turns out that this is not the case. The shareholders had a meeting and afterwords they released the numbers for the previous season. The net figure of losses turned out to be €45.3m but with non-recurring costs added in (such as provisions for technical staff, various player contracts and the financial fair play settlement) the final number reached €74m.

Those at the meeting talked about how this was a step in the right direction and how they were happy that the club was able to get more in line with FFP while also being able to construct a team that Mancini can work with. This excitement has been seen not only in the shareholders but also with the fans. Inter have had the highest average home attendance so far this season with 54,437 and set a new record for gate receipts of €3,671,078 for their match against AC Milan before topping that against Juventus by bringing in €3,740,051.

Hopefully this excitement can last throughout the season. The board is satisfied with the current finances (though they are still looking for new forms of revenue through additional sponsorship) and the fans are pleased with where the team is at this point. Improvements are needed on both fronts, but for now everybody can afford to be a little happy with they way things are.