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Poll: Which of these incredible concept jerseys should Inter wear?

Federico from Mbroidered created some sweet concept jerseys. Our question is: which one should Inter wear?

If you don't know Federico (Mbroidered), he's one of the best custom jersey designers on the internet. He took the liberty of creating sic (YES SIX!) custom Inter Milan designs. Which only leaves us with one question: If you could pick one to become an actual Inter jersey, which would you choose? Take some time and answer thoughtfully below.

Jersey 1

The most classic of the bunch. Wide vertical black and blue stripes. The black sleeves add a fresh spin on a classic Inter look.

NERAZZURRI ⚫️ #whatif @inter

A photo posted by Federico (@mbroidered) on

Jersey 2

Here we have thin, even black and blue pinstripes in low relief.

NERAZZURRI ⚫️ #whatif @inter

A photo posted by Federico (@mbroidered) on


Jersey 3

This one also plays off the thin-striped look, but incorporates an interesting contrast - making one half look predominantly blue and the other half look predominantly black. The concept is not a new one, but the execution definitely is.

NERAZZURRI ⚫️ #whatif @inter

A photo posted by Federico (@mbroidered) on

Jersey 4

The first of the six jerseys which hopefully displays the Etihad Airways logo. You know you want to see Kondogbia and Icardi in this snakeskin kit.

Jersey 5

A truly unique take on the Inter Milan kit. This one incorporates the Milan flag, which I think actually looks kinda dope.

Jersey 6

This one is the most straightforward of the bunch, and looks a little too close to Manchester City's third kit in previous seasons for my liking. However, I like that this kit incorporates the gold from the Inter crest.

Now it's time to vote! Be sure to head over to Mbroidered's (@mbroidered) Instagram page and show him some love for these incredible concept jerseys.