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Mancini: Our real target is getting back in the Champions League

Roberto Mancini rightly reminded the press and Inter fans to keep yesterday's fantastic win in perspective.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It's easy to be very excited for Inter Milan's future. The team seemed to finally have a breakthrough this past weekend with a 4-0 victory over Serie A minnows Frosinone. The squad finally played the way they were expected to play, and got the win their fans expected of them. For a team that has struggled all season long to score more than one goal in a match, Inter finally began to show what they're capable of when firing on all cylinders.

So yeah, it's easy to think Inter are actually in a fight for the Scudetto. And they may be, but (lest you need reminding) the season is long and a lot can happen in the 25 matches that remain. This is why Mancini has tempered fans' enthusiasm just a bit with his post-match interview yesterday, saying:

Of course we're delighted to be top and if the lads can keep this up we'll be able to challenge for the Scudetto but our real target is getting back in the Champions League.

Mancini also provided encouragement for his players and hope for Inter fans when he said:

We have some very skilful players up front. They all played well today and showed they're prepared to put in a shift for the team. Of course the more they play together, the better their understanding will become and there's huge margin for growth there.

Hopefully, we'll see yesterday's Inter attack as much as possible for the rest of the season. Inter's offensive skill finally showed yesterday that it can match that of the defense, and it was a wonderful thing to behold.

Again, I know this was Frosinone, but if our attack can be this effective against Napoli next week, we'll keep their defense honest and likely keep the match more balanced. And a balanced match that sees our front three or four get more involved in the attack would play into Inter's favor in that matchup, I think.

In any case, a wonderful win yesterday. Top of the table. Life as a Nerazzurro is good right now - enjoy it, friends! And FORZA!