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Inter linked with loan move for Falcao

Umm no thanks.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Inter might be joint league leaders right now but if you look at the Serie A table you'll see that the Milan based club is in second. That's because the team's goal difference is only +4 due to the fact that they've scored just 11 goals in 11 matches. The attack has struggled to get going so far and one potential solution to this problem could be to bring in another striker in January to help put the ball in the back of the net, the key phrase being put the ball in the back of the net.

So when the Daily Mail reports that Inter are interested in bringing Radamel Falcao to the San Siro on loan, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. This is a striker that in 35 appearances over the course of two seasons with two different clubs, managed to get a whopping five goals and five assists. In his time at Chelsea so far this season he has scored just one of those goals. Granted, Chelsea's season has been a bit of a mess so far but even their fans can agree that his performances have not been acceptable.

The reports further state that for the 29 year old to arrive at the club, he would have to take a pay cut from his £145,000 a week wages. That part should be obvious. In fact, the only type of wages I would want him to have is checks solely dependent upon scoring when he steps on the pitch. No goals, no paycheck Mr. Falcao.

But in all seriousness I want Inter to have nothing to do with Falcao right now. The last thing the club needs is a completely out of form striker taking up wages, even if they are significantly reduced wages. It is possible that Mancini could help the Colombian international regain his scoring touch, but Mourinho said the same thing when Falcao joined Chelsea, and look how that's worked out so far.