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Inter want Sunderland to pay up for Alvarez

If Inter aren't able to secure the funds from Sunderland before the end of the Januray transfer window closes, it may mortally wound their prospects next month.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It's no secret that Inter Milan spent a lot of money last summer bringing in players like Ivan Perisic, Geoffrey Kondogbia, and Felipe Melo, among others. Do that fact, the need to comply with FFP regulations, and the desire to carry out transfer deals during the January window, Roberto Mancini's side will need to take measures to bring in some money in the near future.

The obvious remedy to this problem is to sell players. But Inter believe they are owed money by another club - and that money could help them finance the moves they'd like to make in January.

Inter are currently locked in a dispute with English side Sunderland over a monetary amount involving the loan-slash-transfer of Ricky Alvarez. The case is currently being "handled" by FIFA because Sunderland has refused to pay the alleged €10.5 million transfer fee for Alvarez. Inter Milan claims that the two sides had agreed a mandatory redemption deal if Sunderland did not get relegated last season (which they didn't).

Sunderland have consistently denied that there was a mandatory redemption written in the deal, and seem like they were never interested in making Ricky Alvarez a permanent Black Cats player. Alvarez himself is currently a free agent, but is reportedly close to joining a new club after FIFA sanctioned a move for him. Rumor has it that he's bound for Mexican side Club America.

Inter seem to think that the money from Sunderland is imminent, but they worry that it won't be before the end of the January transfer window. If Inter aren't able to secure those funds before the window closes, it may mortally wound their prospects in the transfer business next month.