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How much are Inter Milan's outgoing players worth?

Taking a look at some figures which reflect the current values of several players who may be sold this summer.

It seems fairly obvious to fans at this point that if Roberto Mancini is to truly change Inter's results he is going to have to change more than just the side's tactics and overall attitude. If Mancio is to transform this team, he must change its identity - meaning (mostly) it's personnel.

That means that Mancini, along with Ausilio and Thohir, have some difficult decisions to make in the next few months regarding which Nerazzurri players will stay and which will go after the 2014-15 season comes to a close.

Sempre Inter (via SkySports24) has recently released some figures which reflect the current values of several players who may be sold this summer. And so, without any ado whatsoever, let's take a look at how much some of these outgoing players would be worth.

Mateo Kovacic - valuation: €22 million; wage: €2.7 million

Samir Handanovic - valuation: €18.5 million; wage: €2 million

Juan Jesus - valuation: €13 million; wage: €1.4 million

Fredy Guarin - valuation: €12.5 million; wage: €2.8 million

Yuto Nagatomo - valuation: €10 million; wage: €1.3 million

Zdravko Kuzmanovic - valuation: €5 million; wage: €1.5 million

Marco Andreolli - valuation: €3 million; wage: €1 million

Joel Obi - valuation: €2.8 million; wage: €0.9 million

One glaring omission from this list is that of Mauro Icardi, who has been valued anywhere between €20-30 million. And whether he stays at Inter or moves to the Premier League this summer is really anyone's guess at this point. Personally, I think Inter would do well to sell some of the players in the middle range (like Guarin and/or Nagatomo) and try to buy some young up-and-comers who may develop into better long-term players for the side.

What about you folks? Who do you think Inter should sacrifice next season, either for financial or tactical reasons. Let us know below!