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Sorry Chelsea: Icardi to renew contract with Inter

The 22-year-old Argentinian striker has agreed to sign a contract renewal with Inter and remain a Nerazzurri.

Inter starlet Mauro Icardi has recently been linked with many top European clubs, including some Premier League heavy-hitters like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United.

But it seems the 22-year-old Argentinian striker has dashed the hopes of all those English sides and has agreed to sign a contract renewal with Inter and remain a Nerazzurri for at least a little bit longer.

Some details regarding the deal have been leaked in this article from Sempre Inter, and they claim that Icardi's current contract with Inter will be renewed through 2019 and that Icardi will now be receiving €4 million in wages plus performance bonuses.

The one major hang-up in this deal previously was club owner Erick Thohir's wish to obtain full image rights to every Nerazzurri player. It appears the two sides have quite literally agreed to meet halfway and that Icardi will retain 50% of his image rights while relinquishing the other 50% to Inter.

This new deal would essentially quadruple Icardi's current wages, but Thohir will be happy to have gotten a little bit of the forthcoming revenue from the Icardi brand into the Nerazzurri bank at this stage in the game. A formal announcement is expected sometime in the next two weeks.

In the meantime, keep your heads up, Nerazzurri fans – good things are still happening for us!